Brand identity

Our creative team can design a brand identity for your business that is unique and appealing to your consumer. This includes a brand standards manual, logo, website elements, illustrations, photography and video.

Modern Websites

We have the team to build unique, fast, and Google friendly websites with a creative twist to increase user engagement.


Your website is hosted by us, backed up, and managed monthly. If you want to see what our full management process entails, click here.


After development, we lead you down a road of growth through advertising and reach campaigns.


We offer unique and modern website development for the fishing industry. Our pricing is based on the amount of time our team needs to design and develop top tier websites that maintain our project standards. 



The sea trout website package is designed just for the captain on a budget!

The difference between this package and the other website packages is that with a small budget, we are working on limited hours. There for, we are limited with creating custom illustrations, shooting video, and adding animation to the website.



Our Crevalle Package is perfect for fishing businesses that want to stand out amongst  competition with an interactive, eye catching website that has a strong point for moving objects, compelling images, and interactive elements. 



Pure original art. 

Our team dives in head first to create and develop a website that is unique, custom, and second to none. 

We don’t like to brang. But – take a look and see for yourself



Recent Favorites


Running our parent agency, 1922 Creative, LLC, we wanted to branch of with a group of creatives strictly focused on the fishing industry as we have a big passion for it!

Starting a project with Crevalle Media is easy. All you have to do is get in touch with us!

From start to launch, our website typically take 1-2 weeks. However, often times this is dependent on receiving the assets we need from the client. 

Properly built websites in 2021 are around 5-10K. We do our best to build at a reasonable rate. 

Our websites are different because of the way we combine creativity, animated elements, and modern design into a bundled package. We go above and beyond to provide the best in your industry at competitive prices.

Once we build your website, it is hands off to you. We backup, manage, provide security updates and important server and database updates each and every week. 

Cost of our monthly management services range from $65 to $140 per month. 

Yes. It is important to keep up with server updates, security fixes, and other core updates that allow the website to run smooth and secure. 

It all
starts here!